Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting

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Egg Tempera, Fresco, Secco

This is the most comprehensive book to date on the techniques of icon and wall painting. Illustrated with over 450 color photos and 180 drawings, it will be a source of pleasure and inspiration for the general reader as well as for the practicing icon painter.

The book is more than just a technical manual; it sets artistic practice in the context of the Church’s spirituality and liturgy, with chapters on the theology and history of the icon, the role and symbolism of the iconostasis, and the principles behind the positioning of wall paintings within churches.

The wealth of information in this book makes it an indispensible reference text, not only for iconographers but also for any painter working in egg tempera, fresco or secco. All the Necessary processes are covered, including the making and gessoing of wooden panels, gilding, preparing pigments, lime plastering and fresco, the various techniques for painting in tempera, right through photographing the finished artwork.

Aidan Hart has been a professional iconographer since 1984, working both as a painter in tempera and fresco, and as a carver in stone and wood. He studied iconography in Britain and Russia, and in Greece where he lived for a total of three years, mostly on Mount Athos. He has works in over seventeen countries, many of them in cathedrals. In 2009, he founded and continues to teach the Diploma in Icon and Wall Painting for The Prince’s School of Traditional Art in England.

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  • Author: Aidan Hart
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  • Language: English 
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