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If you are Catholic, you have seen the St. Benedict Medal before. Some wear it on their necklace, wear it as a bracelet or carry it in their pocket. There are many ways to wear the St. Benedict medal and claim its protection. Though common among Catholics, some are unaware of the great symbolism and meaning contained within this sacramental. 

Symbolism and miracles. 

Although It has not been possible to trace when exactly the first medal was created, the design we enjoy today was released on the 1400th anniversary of St. Benedict’s birth. The medal and the prayers engraved upon it offer special protection from evil and represent moments in Benedict’s life where he was saved from death.

On one side, there is the image of St. Benedict in the center, in his right hand he is holding the cross, and in his left hand rests the Rule of St. Benedict. Right beneath the cross, there is a broken chalice with a serpent falling out of it. This represents angered monks that attempted to murder Benedict by serving him poisoned wine. After blessing the wine with a sign of the cross, the chalice broke in half, sparing Benedict from an early death.

Across from the broken chalice is a raven with a piece of bread in its claw. This was a murder attempt when he was served poisoned bread at one meal, and a bird flew in through a window and took away the bread before Benedict could put it to his lips. 

On the back of the medal, there is a cross with the following acronyms in Latin that reveal prayers. 

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