3.5" Short Solid Brass Altar Candlestick

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Enhance your sanctuary and prompt a richer prayer experience through a beautiful symbolism of the light of a candle. This unique 3.5" Short Solid Brass Altar Candlestick will add beauty and elegance to your churches! The candlestick is made with high quality materials to ensure that it will last for the years to come. 

Pair this beautiful Altar Candlestick with an Altar Cross to complete your Altar Set, Each item sold separately.

Item No.: AH-H-399


  • 3.5" Short Solid Brass Altar Candlestick
  • 3.5" Polished and Lacquered Solid Brass Altar Candlestick
  • 1 Piece Altar Candlestick
  • The Candlestick is suitable for a 7/8" candle.
  • Size: 3 1/2" ht, 7/8" diam. candle socket
  • Perfect for a smaller altar or day chapel
  • Made in the U.S.A.Adrian Hamers

Since 1881 Adrian Hamers Church Interiors has been producing the worlds finest Church Candle Sticks. Most Antique candlesticks we produced are still in use throughout the world.  From solid sterling silver candlesticks to solid cast brass candle holders.