St. Benedict Auto Rosary with 7mm Hematite Beads

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This St. Benedict Auto Rosary has an easy clasp for hanging in any automobile, can be used as protection as you travel along and a reminder to pray anywhere at any time. It is chained with 7mm hematite beads with its center medallion of St. Benedict and crucifix made from oxidized silver. A perfect classic set for gift-giving or a gift to be cherished by someone special. Highly recommended and perfect for all occasions.

Item No.: MV-AR73C


  • St. Benedict Patron Saint of Europe
  • St. Benedict as center medallion
  • 7mm hematite beads
  • Easy clasp for hanging
  • Oxidized silver center and crucifix
  • Comes in a beautiful box perfect for safekeeping, gifts, and favors. 

Story & SymbolismSt. Benedict had a deep faith in the Cross and worked miracles with the sign of the cross. This faith in, and special devotion to, the Cross was passed on to succeeding generations of Benedictines. Devotion to the Cross of Christ also gave rise to the striking of medals that bore the image of St. Benedict holding a cross aloft in his right hand and his Rule for Monasteries on the other hand. Thus, the Cross has always been closely associated with the Medal of St. Benedict, which is often referred to as the Medal-Cross of St. Benedict. 

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