10.5" Crucifixion Garden Plaque

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This Crucifixion Garden Plaque was carefully crafted featuring the images depicting Jesus Christ on the day he was crucified and accompanying prayers, which we call the Stations of the Cross This divine crucifix was perfectly forged with excellent attention to details by great artists to ensure that this amazing work of art will maintain its luxurious look for the years to come. This collectible is a perfect way to protect us from evil spirits and remind us of the sacrifices and redemption that Christ offered us.

Item No.: AV-D1034


  • A well-detailed image of the Crucifixion of Christ in a contemporary design aesthetic.
  • A premium quality plaque designed for mass, ceremonies, or prayer gatherings.
  • Material: Stone resin
  • Size: 9" W x 1" D x 10-1/2" H

Stories and Symbolism:

A crucifix derived from the word Latin cruci fixus, meaning "(one) fixed to a cross," is a portrait of Jesus on the cross, as distinct from a bare cross. The crucifix emphasizes Jesus' sacrifice, his death by crucifixion, which Christians believe brought about humanity's redemption. Most crucifixes portray Jesus on a Latin cross. Carrying a crucifix serves as a visual reminder to stop, pray, and reflect.