The First Easter Book

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What caused God to send His beloved Son to live among us, die for us, and be raised from the dead? In The First Easter, children ages 5-9 will meet Jesus at His baptism in the Jordan River, go with Him into the desert to be tested by the devil, and then see Him preach the Good News, heal the sick, and drive out demons. They will cheer with the crowds as Jesus enters Jerusalem to the shouts of Hosanna and the waving of palm branches, and they will sit near Him at the Last Supper.

What was it like to pray with Jesus in Gethsemane, walk with Him on the way of the cross, or wait with the women on the third day? As children relive the astonishing story of Jesus' sacrifice for us, they will discover how He gave us the power of His Holy Spirit.

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Stories and Symbolism:

Easter arrives after the Holy Week, right after Good Friday, which commemorates Jesus' crucifixion and death. Jesus' sacrificed his life for the sins of others. Easter is one of the most important festivities in the Christian calendar. It commemorates God raising his son Jesus from death and the end of the power of sin and death. It symbolizes the opening of Heaven and the gift of eternal life to everyone.